Fitness101 is a blog that started in 2019 by a registered Nutritionist. The goal of our blog is to make a change to the flood of misinformation available on the internet.

Certifications and Educations

  • Sarah Jones, MSc in Applied Human Nutrition and Ph.D. in Human Nutrition. Oxford University and Johns Hopkins University.
  • Jasmijn Dijkstra, MSc Health and Nutrition. Wageningen University and Research.
  • Sophie van Lent, MSc Health Sciences. Erasmus University.
  • Peter van de Berg, MSc Human Movement Sciences and MSc Sports Sciences. University of Groningen and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Fitness101 Team

Dr. Sarah Jones is a registered Nutritionist. Dr. Jones earned her Master of Applied Human Nutrition. Dr. Jones also holds a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition.
Sophie is a young care provider with years of experience. She obtained her master's degree in Health Sciences at Erasmus University. Sophie is a creative writer and also enjoys reading books.
Jasmijn Dijkstra is a registered nutritionist with expertise in Nutrition and Health. She holds a master's degree in Nutrition and Health from Wageningen University & Research. In her spare time, Jasmijn likes to work out in the gym.
Peter comes from a sporty family and has been playing sports since childhood. He holds a master's degree in Sexology from VU Amsterdam. He currently works as a doctor sexologist.

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