All Day Burn Review: Does It Really Work?

July 2024
All Day Burn

The All Day Burn pills have become extremely popular, which is not surprising. These weight loss pills work exceptionally well.

In this article, we explain whether the All Day Burn pills really work as well as they claim.

It is also possible to share your own experience in the comments at the bottom of the page.

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What is All Day Burn?

All Day Burn

The All Day Burn pills contain the most reliable natural slimming ingredients: garcinia cambogia extract, Indian nettle extract, green tea extract, chrome, vitamin B6, bitter orange extract, paprika extract and caffeine.

The combination of these ingredients provides many slimming effects:

  • Weight loss [1] [2]
  • Strong fat burning [3]
  • Significantly reduces appetite and makes you fuller after a meal [4]
  • Increases metabolism [5]

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Does it really work?

We often get asked whether the All Day Burn actually works. The short answer to this is: Yes.

A lot of scientific studies show that All Day Burn pills does help with weight loss. The combination of all ingredients provides a strong weight loss effect.

The experiences of existing users also show that All Day Burn is effective. 96% of users are delighted with the results.

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Buy All Day Burn

You can buy these slimming pills on the official All Day Burn site. There are a lot of websites that claim to be able to sell it for a lower amount. These are all fakes. So, pay close attention to where you buy from!

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During the purchasing process, you can choose to pay afterwards or to pay immediately.

The shipping costs depend on your choice:

  • Pay at delivery = $2 SGD
  • Pay immediately = $2 SGD

Shipping within Singapore is 1-2 working days (this may be longer due to the high demand for All Day Burn). The package is packaged discreetly, no one will know what is in the box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use All Day Burn

The recommended dose for consumption is 2 capsules per day.

Can Women Use All Day Burn?

Yes, this product is intended for women and men.

Is All Day Burn safe?

Hell yes! All Day Burn is entirely safe and effective. Completely free from side effects.

How quickly do I see results?

This is difficult to say as it depends on your diet and exercise. Most users see results within a week.

Keto Actives
Cindy Tan is a registered nutritionist. She has a Masters in Food Science and Human Nutrition from National University of Singapore. Cindy is fluent in 10 different languages.


  1. These are the best slimming pills I have ever tried. I started in November and have already lost more than 15 kg (I was overweight). I must say that it is quite a strong weight loss pill. Sometimes I feel nauseous, but that goes away after a while.

    • Hi Larisse, do you still have the same opinion about this?

      • Hi Frida,

        I have been busy for a few months now and still have the same opinion on this. I have already lost 25 kg without exercising (with a proper diet). I no longer feel sick and have already placed a second order for the All Day Burn. I really like the satisfaction guarantee of the All Day Burn, so you can test it with certainty (I was afraid it wouldn’t work).

  2. I have previously purchased other fat burners such as Revolyn and Ketox24, none of which have worked (only found out later that they were scams).

    That is why I gave the All Day Burn a test as a last chance… But I am satisfied! This product works very well. If you combine the All Day Burn with a good workout schedule, you can really lose a fat 20 kg in a short period!

    In short; definitely recommended!

  3. Hi, I have a question.

    I have been using All Day Burn for 3 weeks. At the moment I have lost 6 kg and I am thrilled with that. I just wonder if the weight will come back after I stop taking the All Day Burn pills?


    John (41 years old)

    • Hi John,

      The lost weight does not return when you stop. However, you of course have to stick to a healthy lifestyle.



  4. Hello,

    I just wanted to share my experience. I ordered All Day Burn at the end of December and I have currently been taking it for one month.

    I had combined these fat burners with a diet (Atkins). I have already lost 7.5 kg. I am thrilled with the results; I think I will continue for a few more months.

    Ladies and gentlemen don’t forget that you also have to combine the All Day Burn pills with a proper diet. The results will come super quickly!



  5. Hi Cindy,

    I just ordered a few packs after reading your article. I just can’t find excellent reviews anywhere else. So, I was wondering if this might have been written by the company, or if it really works well? I also could not really find a delivery time, so I was also curious how quickly you received the product.

    You indicated that you had lost 9 kilos with this. Was this easy, or did you have to give up a lot for this?

    I’m super curious if it will work for me too. I am 165 cm tall and about 71 kilos. I have been eating healthy for a month and exercising more but haven’t had any results. I was hoping it would happen faster.

    I would love to hear your response. ?

    Regards Estelle

    • Hi Estelle,

      I received the pills within two working days. I ordered them a while ago (in October). But since 2023, All Day Burn has become really popular, so there will probably be a delay with the delivery.

      I have indeed lost 9 kilos; it went quite smoothly. But I stuck to a proper diet. Due to the All Day Burn pills, you have less of a tendency to snack, and your metabolism is increased. It gives you a good mental boost to keep going every day with a proper diet and exercise.

      I am sure it will help you with your goals :).



    • Hello Estelle, have you been able to test whether it works properly? Regards

      • Hi Nunu,

        I have been able to test it, and it works very well. I have already lost a lot of weight, from 71 kg to 60 kg.

        I actually recommend everyone to try it and if it doesn’t work, just send it back. You will get your money back. Have you already placed a new order?

        Regards Estelle

    • Which website did you order them from?

  6. How long you can use this one after the other? Will this continue to work after a few weeks, or will your body get used to it?

    • Hi Wil;,

      You can use this until the desired results have been achieved. All ingredients are 100% natural, there your body will not really become used to it.


  7. I am 153 cm tall and now weigh 71 kg. I am a 43-year-old woman. I have 2 children and work 4 days a week. I now notice that it takes a lot of effort to lose 1 kg. I eat much healthier now. And I’ve lost almost no weight. I’m starting to lose motivation. I try to exercise, but because I have rheumatism, it is sometimes not possible to exercise because my whole body hurts. Could this help me? I would be thrilled if I could lose 5 to 7 kg in 1 month. Is this possible? And how long does 1 pack last? I want to order 1 pack first, and if the result is good, then I am going to order that 3-pack offer.

    I like to hear it.

    Regards Coco

    • Hi Coco,

      Based on your situation, I think it would be best to combine a low carbohydrate diet with the All Day Burn. With this, it will be possible to achieve the desired results quickly. 1 pack is suitable for a whole month.


  8. Hi Hi!
    I had a question.
    I really want to lose 15 kg and fast.
    My question is since I have a thyroid disease (graves) which can be cured and should be improved by medication, can I still use this product?
    I would like to start using the pills.

    • Hi Lily,

      Losing 15 kg in a short time is difficult but certainly possible. I recommend combining the All Day Burn with a ketogenic diet for the best results.

      The All Day Burn pills are 100% made from natural ingredients. It shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, I advise you to consult your doctor first.


  9. How do I know that these are not just sales tactics to sell the product faster? I spent my last money on this because I am so insecure about my body.

    • Hi Lou Lou,

      These are certainly not sales tactics. I have had a lot of results with the product. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can request a refund from the manufacturer (satisfaction guarantee).

      Remember that weight loss pills are not a miracle cure. You have to combine them with an excellent lifestyle to see fast results.


  10. Hi Cindy,

    With previous supplements, I always suffered from palpitations as a side effect. Have you experienced any side effects when using All Day Burn?

    • Hello Naomi,

      I did not suffer from palpitations. Most likely, the caffeine content was too high in the supplements you have used before.


  11. Good morning,

    I have also ordered these pills. I put on 11 kilos in 7 months after quitting smoking. I exercise and watch my diet, but nothing helps.
    Would I lose weight and after how long can I expect the first results?

    Today I took the pills for the 2nd time. I feel nauseous, is this normal?

    Regards Sally S.

    • Hi Sally,

      Well done on quitting smoking. In general, losing weight is a lot easier than quitting smoking :-).

      Watching your diet is probably not enough for you. I recommend following a ketogenic diet. If you combine that with the weight loss pills, you can certainly see good results.

      It is quite reasonable to get sick at the beginning, this is because your body is not used to the active ingredients.


  12. Hi Cindy,

    I would really like to start with these pills. I weigh 78 kg and am 173 cm tall. However, I am afraid that I will get side effects as mentioned above, such as nausea… Can you prevent this? I always have busy weeks and can’t really have nausea or little sleep.

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Kind regards, Jia Xin

    • Hi Jia Xin,

      Nausea is indeed annoying, but most people hardly get it. You can prevent nausea by taking the All Day Burn pills on a full stomach.

      It is also useful to take the slimming pills in the morning so that your sleep is not disturbed.


  13. May I also ask how it works if you don’t do exercise? I want to lose 15 kg. And I currently weigh 94.5 kg. I’ve ordered 1 pack to try it out. You indicated that you lost 9 kilos in 5 weeks if I understand correctly… How can the rest be achieved?

    Best regards

    • Hi Claire,

      At the time I ate less than usual, I had not done any exercise (I had an injury). I also drank at least 2 litres of water a day.


  14. Can I also use these pills without diet or exercise?

    • Hi Aiden,

      You can use the All Day Burn without diet or without exercising. Of course, the results will be less.


  15. Hi everyone,

    I would like to share my experience with you about the All Day Burn. I ordered the pills in early January, but there was a slight delay. I took 2 capsules every day on an empty stomach in the morning. I immediately felt the effect, as I had more energy and less appetite. So, I did this every morning for almost 1 month. I did better watch my diet (ketogenic diet) etc. I have gone from 80 kg to 72 kg in less than a month. I am thrilled with the results!

  16. Hi Cindy,

    I have a question. I have been taking these pills for a week now. In addition to the weight loss pills, I also take extra vitamin B1 pill 3 times a day which contains calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. Does that have any effect on the weight loss pills? Does it work less well, or does it work the same? I would love to hear from you.



    • Hi Joyce,

      That is an excellent combination. The weight loss pills do not contain calcium, vitamin D or magnesium. It will undoubtedly have a positive effect.


  17. Is there anyone who has experience with this product and with pregnancy weight?

  18. Hi, I am hesitant to buy this product. Do you get any side effects from this? I am 161 cm tall and 76 kg. And I would like to get to 66 kg, but I don’t actually exercise. However, I do watch what I eat. Do you still lose weight, or do you really have to exercise?

    • Hi Kimberly,

      You can use the All Day Burn perfectly without exercising. However, I advise you to pay more attention to your diet. You can do this by, for example, following a ketogenic diet or limiting your calories (I did this).


  19. Hi,

    I have a question. Before swallowing the capsule, do you have to open it or can you swallow it whole?


    • Hi Jaimy,

      You must swallow the capsule whole, so do not open it.


  20. Can you drink coffee with the pills since it also contains caffeine?

    • Hi Amanda,

      I do not recommend taking the All Day Burn with coffee at the same time. A few hours after taking the All Day Burn, you can have a coffee.


  21. Hello Cindy, I received the packs today and started taking them.
    I have been eating healthier for 5 weeks and drinking a lot of water and have lost 3 kg.
    So, I hope All Day Burn will help me better. How many calories can you have daily to lose weight?

    Super curious ☺️

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Sounds great! You can calculate your calorie requirement on this page. With resting calories and workout calories, you can see how many calories you are allowed in a day to still lose weight.

      Good luck!


  22. Hi,

    A question. Is it safe to use All Day Burn when taking antidepressants?
    Is the product harmful to the kidneys?
    How much caffeine does a daily dose of All Day Burn contain?

    Valerie X

    • Hi Valerie,

      All Day Burn is safe to use with antidepressant and does not cause problems for the kidneys. It contains 200 mg of caffeine per 2 capsules.


  23. Hi

    I have been working on All Day Burn for a week now, at the moment my results are:
    1st day: Weight on February 16: 79 kg
    7th day: Weight on February 24: 76 kg

    Meanwhile, 3 kg has been lost weight in 1 week due to the combination below:
    – All Day Burn
    – Exercise 2 to 3 times a week – for an hour
    – No fatty foods, not too much food (the positive is that these pills reduce your appetite and make you feel full).

    I am delighted with the pills, I have a long way to go because my goal is 60 kg, but I am going for it. ?

    My tip: do not hesitate and just do it. If you are not satisfied with it, the manufacturer will give you your money back.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Super good of you. I wish you good luck.


  24. Hello Jasmijn

    Thank you for your review and all the answers so far. That has already helped me a lot.

    I exercise daily (cycling to work and walking at lunchtime. I also want to pay more attention to my food. Keto is not for me, but it does limit calories. What do you recommend to keep to this? I am 170 cm and weigh 82 kg, and I am 29 years old.


    • Hi Sophia,

      Based on your situation, I think it would be best to limit yourself to 2000 calories. After a few weeks (when the weight gets harder to lose) you can lower it even more.


  25. Hi, today I received the products which I ordered 2 days ago. Am 175 cm and currently weigh 95 kg and hope to lose 15 kilograms in a relatively short period of time (6 weeks). Then I want to lose 10 kg, but that can go a bit slower. The idea is to also exercise twice a week and of course, pay attention to my diet. I don’t like following diets but I’ll be fine. I will let you know in 6 weeks how I am doing. Good luck, everyone!

    • Hi Hi,

      Awesome! I wish you a lot of success!



    • Hey Olivia!

      I know that the 6 weeks are not over yet, but I was wondering if you have already seen any results?

      – Lisa

  26. I am considering taking these pills as well, but I still have some questions.

    Everyone is talking about the amount in kilos they lost, but have you also seen an effect in centimetres or not?

    And suppose I am less than 80 kilos and I want to take the pills twice a day, is it going to work extra fast or does that have no effect?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Josephine,

      Waist size loss is different for each person, some are more likely to lose weight on their stomachs than other body parts. You shouldn’t worry about that.

      I would recommend starting at the recommended dose and you can increase it later.

      Good luck!


  27. Ten days and indeed, no palpitations. I use it cut my bodyfat, at the start I weighed 54 kilos and this morning on the scales I weighed 50 kilos. Three times cardio, three times full-body training and 1 times Bikram yoga per week. No unpleasant side effects and a considerable drive to exercise, I think it is an excellent product!

    • Hi Sacheu,

      Excellent results, especially when it comes to cutting your bodyfat ?

      Good luck!


      • It is a pity that no photos can be posted of the result so far because they are phenomenal for me.

        • Hi sacheu,

          You can upload the photos at and share the link here in the comments. You will motivate a lot of people. ?


          • Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo because I didn’t expect it to work that well. But I’ve never been so lean in such a short time.

            This is the result after 14 days of use, but with intensive sports. (Nothing works by itself)


  28. Hi everybody.

    I am a 20-year-old woman, 167 cm meters tall and I weigh 95 kilos. Now I have also ordered this product via the original website “All Day Burn”. But because I had doubts, I have now started thinking whether I should cancel my order. Because I heard from someone that with slimming pills, the risk of tapeworms may be present. What about this product? Because that, of course, scares me off.

    • Hi Sam,

      You do not get tapeworms from slimming pills and certainly not from All Day Burn. This product contains the highest quality of ingredients. You don’t have to worry. ?

      I’d love to hear if you have any other questions.



  29. I came across this website by chance and wondered if it can be used in combination with dexamphetamine (and medication)? I have previously used weight loss tea and got heart palpitations from that, hence my concern.

    • Hi Daisy,

      You should ask your GP about that.

      I recommend in your case to take the All Day Burn pills during the meal instead of 30 min before.


  30. Ha Cindy. Today is my third day. In the morning, I took 1 pill 1 and a half hours before lunch. At least 5 hours in between. When I take 2 at the same time, I don’t feel comfortable. I wonder if it makes more sense with 2 x 1 per day and what the results are?

    • Hi Tina,

      That’s fine too. 2 capsules at a time may indeed be uncomfortable for some.

      Good luck!


  31. Hey! I am Jessi. I have also received pills… well…? I wonder now when is the best time to take the pills? Is it smart to take in the evening? Or preferably in the morning or spread throughout the day?
    I want to lose 15kgs… and I am not that active.
    Thanks for the advice.

    • Hi Jessi,

      It is not smart to use the pills in the evening; this can disturb your sleep. What I recommend is just to take one pill 30 minutes before breakfast and the other 30 minutes before lunch. You can choose how you do it.


  32. Hello, I received the pills yesterday and started today. I am curious to see if they help. I currently weigh 178 kg and I am 165 cm. I no longer exercise but from today I will start eating healthily.

  33. Good morning Cindy,

    Allow me to say that I really appreciate your response time to anyone who has questions about this, you come across some junk on the internet. They hit you with all kinds of products.

    I also have some questions and thank you in advance for your transparency.

    I am 42, female, 170 cm, 69 kg, so my BMI is ok, not overweight.

    Although I feel more comfortable at 63 kilos, a weight that I held for 7 years, but that was already 7 years ago. Everybody changes through hormones, lifestyle etc.

    It states that the product is beneficial for overweight people. What about people who are not overweight? Does it work then? Now in these Corona times, I limit my sports to 3x per week of cardio by walking and I have a sedentary profession. I do not like restrictive diets at all, they let me lose weight for a while, but my pitfall is sweets in the evening and when under stress (sounds familiar, huh?).

    I read that it helps with cravings. However, I am a bit reluctant to feel rushed. Which purchase do you recommend? 3 + 3 free or earlier 2 + 1 free? Would you really not go over the 2 / day dose?

    • Hi Noella,

      I really appreciate your response. I do my best to answer all responses as wholly and as quickly as possible.

      You can, of course, also use the All Day Burn without being overweight. It is a good fat burner and a potent appetite suppressant; it will certainly reduce your appetite and satiate you faster. 3x cardio in a week is good, especially in these times of Corona.

      I personally chose the 3 + 3 for free and am happy with how long it lasts. However, I think that for your situation (69 kg to 63 kg) the 2 + 1 for free is already a right choice.


  34. Hello Cindy,

    I would like to give the pills a chance. After I stopped taking the pills, I gained 5 kilos. I would like to start a possible pregnancy with a healthy weight.

    Do you think the pills can hurt my chances of getting pregnant?

    Regards Katie

    • Hi Katie,

      The All Day Burn pills will not reduce your fertility. I do not recommend using it during pregnancy.


  35. Hello, I am also unsure whether to order this product … I have been doing the Keto diet for 2 weeks now, and I haven’t seen results on the scales, but I do see in cm… Also, I try to exercise 4 times a week, and for that, I use a pre-workout supplement which contains caffeine … I am 172 cm and 76 kilos and definitely want to go down to 65 kilos. Since these tablets also contain caffeine, is it useful to stop taking the pre-workout supplement?

    • Hi Macy,

      I am sure the All Day Burn pills can help you lose weight. You are already doing very well by paying attention to your diet and by exercising.

      It is indeed useful to stop the pre-workout supplement.


  36. Dear Cindy,

    I have the pills at home but read different advice about the dosage.
    I want to take 2 a day, does this mean 1 half hour at breakfast and 1 half-hour at lunch? Or 2 at once a day?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Stella,

      I did it like this: 1 capsule at breakfast (half an hour) and 1 and a half hours at lunch.


  37. Hi Cindy,

    From what age can you use the All Day Burn pills?


    • Hi A,

      I recommend starting with weight loss pills only if you are 18 years and older.


  38. Hi!

    Are these pills completely safe?

    Regards Wenwei

    • Hi Wenwei,

      The pills are 100% natural and also completely safe.



  39. Hi Cindy,

    I am very hesitant about ordering the pills and I am afraid that this is a sales tactic … I would really like to lose some weight but with the healthy food and exercise I am doing now, I am not able to find other site with reviews … Does this really help???

    I would like to lose 12 kilos; will I succeed with these pills and a healthy lifestyle?


    • Hi Aimy,

      I undersatnd your doubts, there are a lot of BAD slimming pills available like Revolyn, NutriFoodz and Ketox24.

      If you are unable to lose weight with a healthy diet and exercise, I definitely recommend the All Day Burn. It is certainly possible to lose another 12 kilos with it.

      The manufacturer is so confident in its product that there is a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, you will get your money back, no questions asked.


  40. I have had the capsules at home for 3 days now. The problem is I can’t swallow the capsules. I tried to mix the powder with water, but it becomes a kind of dirty lump. What I do now is open the capsules and mix the powder with milk. Can this hurt?

    • Hi Lauren,

      That’s no problem. Excuse for the late response. We are jam-packed due to the crisis.


  41. I have ordered new packs again! 6 weeks of amazing progress with All Day Burn

  42. Hi Hi!

    I also ordered the pills, after my pregnancy, I gained quite a few kg. I now weigh around 89 kilos and definitely want to go to 68 kilos.
    I did not manage to lose weight the “normal” way. From tomorrow I will start with 4 pills a day!

    Hope this will work, so that I feel a lot better in my skin again ??!

    • Hi Maia,

      You will certainly succeed! Keep a close eye on your calories :).

      Good luck!


  43. Just placed order. I’m curious.
    I want to lose 12 kg. I will come back to this in 5 weeks.


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